Monday, 30 July 2012

Luke and Madame Dorothea Cast in The Mortal Instruments Movie

Aidan turner has been cast in the role of Luke...

Cassies Opinion:

"Luke — Clary’s surrogate father figure, he has a hell of a dark past despite his current mild-mannered, bookstore-owning ways. The scars he bears belie his gentle heart — but he could tear you apart with his teeth if you threatened something he cared about.
Holly has long insisted Luke is her Fictional Boyfriend, so today, Holly, you have won: Aidan Turner."

CCH Pounder is Madame Dorothea..

Cassies Opinion:

"Madame Dorothea was a lot of fun to write. She’s Clary’s downstairs neighbor and a “witch” — the kind with crystal balls and Tarot cards. Her secret is that none of that magic is at all real: it’s a cover for the powerful position she actually does hold in the secret society of Downworlders.
Our Madame Dorothea is: CCH Pounder.
You may know her from The Shield. Or The X-Files. Or Warehouse 13. Or ER. Or The West Wing. Or pretty much every cool show in the known universe. Our director’s wanted to work with her for ages and I think she will be amazing. Welcome, CCH!"

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